• How old do you have to be to start diving?

    No age is set by the Spanish legislation. The French federation accepts the children from 8 years old. We recommend waiting 10 years old, although it may begin earlier. Depending on the physical maturity of the child.

  • Is it difficult to learn to dive?

    No, diving is not difficult, but it requires proper training and practice.
    Developments of the equipment and education have made diving accessible to everyone. Anyone of any age can learn and enjoy diving.

  • How do I learn to dive?

    Several courses are available in multiple languages: scuba try dive (1/2 day), scuba day initiation (2 dives), short course with certification (2,5 days training and fun) or a full week open water course (5 days training and fun). Contact us for more information.

  • What can we see under water?

    Firstly, a rich colourful fauna and flora, with red coral, sponges and purple gorgonian.
    Also a large variety of fish like; barracudas, groupers, moon fish, sea breams, angler fishes, dentis but also some magnificent nudibranches posing for the delight of photographers…and last, but not the latest, the emotion to can stay and “fly” under the water.

  • Do you have to dive deep to see all this?

    No, the best dives are between 5 and 25 metres depth. It is possible to dive deeper if you are a more experienced diver.

  • How long does a dive last?

    The dive time is limited by our air supply. An average dive lasts between 30 and 50 minutes.

  • Are the diving qualifications recognised worldwide?

    Yes, all the certificates delivered from the CMAS (World Confederation of Underwater Activities) or the PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), are widely recognised and highly regarded worldwide.


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