Dive sites

Our diving area spreads along 20 km of the north side of the Cape. Many dive sites like creeks, on sheer cliffs or around the isles are only accessible by boat.

The diversity of the underwater world never fails to excite even the most ardent diver. The northern side of the Cape is very rich in fauna and flora. In a colorful aquatic realm, the diver comes across wonderful corals in red, violet or yellow. These are very frequent and still multiplying.

In this marvelous scenery you’ll find all marine life of the Mediterranean Sea. In colder waters (April 13°C, May 16°C) you’ll observe several species coming near the coast for spawning, f.e. nudibranchs, common cuttlefish, octopus, sunfish, angler fish and eagle ray. When the water warms up, other fishes like grouper, brown meagre, dentex, barracuda, bass,.. are appearing.

In 1998 Cape Creus has become a natural park. Inside this enormous space 4 reservates have been created. 3 of them are accessible to divers.
Our diving grounds lie between Port de la Selva and the Isle "Massa de Oro", the outer point of Cape Creus. The 20 dive sites we have allow us to vary the site frequently. Due to the many creeks and isles, we’re always able to find a place out of the wind and with a minimum of drift.

Of course we mostly dive inside the Natural Park where fauna and flora grow well.