Schedules, prices and insurance

We dive twice a day, from 01 April to 11 November. As of November 11, leaving weekends and dives for those who have booked in advance.
Our departure times vary during the season, usually go out to dive at 8:30 pm and at 15.00 pm or 8:30 to 13:00 for departures doubles

For all divers, Spanish law requires an official qualification (except for baptisms and training), a medical certificate in use and liability insurance and accident. Do not forget to bring these documents.
If you do not have insurance, do not worry, we can apply to our offices.

Immersion 32 €
Double dip (2 bottles): € 57
Baptism: € 57
Initiation diving 95 €
Class diving: € 60
Night dive 50 €
Guide service: € 6
Rental equipment
Regulator 5 €
Stabilizing Jacket 5 €
Suit: 5 €
Focus diving 50W 5 €